My Body My Choice

Jane Dickson


Edition : First / New York / Self Published / Colab Projects / June 1980 / Softcover. / VG+
21.5 x 35.5. Single sheet. Xerox on White stock.


Poster by DIckson from the TSS. She was also the designer and programmer for the illuminated billboard at Times Square, which introduced Jenny Holzer to LED lights among other things. Dickson on those times- “New York was bankrupt, and you could do whatever you wanted. People had bigger survival problems to focus on. A lot of the work we did was shocking or offensive or political; at the time, no one could imagine that anyone would ever care… …I mean, I just thought we were doing it for the ten people who thought it was interesting and that nobody else was ever going know about this art… …Painting had been declared dead and there was a lot of excitement about performance and new media. Image making and content were radical acts. It was also this great moment, pre-AIDS, where the club scene (especially the gay club scene) was really exciting. Colab was doing loft art shows and many of us were also showing in discos and bars, like the Mudd Club, and everybody had a band.”