Untitled (Sex and Seditionaries)

Jun Takahashi, Hiroshi Fujiwara; Vivienne Westwood, Malcolm McLaren


Edition : First / No Place (Tokyo) / No Publisher (Jun Takahashi / Undercover) / No Date (ca 2004) / Hardcover. / Fine / Fine
Folio. Unpaginated. Black cloth in Pin up Slipcase. Printed in an numbered edition of 1500 copies – of which this is copy 1000. No Text.

Phenomenally scarce inventory of Sex, Seditionaries, Let it Rock, Vivienne Westwood/Malcolm McClaren clothing. Page after page after page of original garments flat photographed, probably the only record of a lot of the garments. The publicity shy Takahashi of Undercover fame has probably the biggest collection of early Westwood, and this book documents all of it. Apparently McClaren dropped his chunks and thought it had to be the collection of either Rei Kawakubo or Yoji Yamamoto, as they were the only two people he remembered buying one of everything in each colour. An underground legend.

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