Two Performances

Ulay / Marina Abramovic


Edition : First / Adelaide / Low Press / 1979 / Softcover. / VG
8vo. 46pp. Printed wraps. Black & White plates. Text in English. Heavy foxing as shown.

Scarce. Documents two early performance pieces (1979) by Marina Abramovic and Ulay and a project called ‘Detour’. In Performance 21, ‘The Brink,’ Ulay walks back and forth along the top of a wall while Marina walks back and forth on the shadow line of the wall as it falls on the ground. Black and white photographs document the 4 hour and 20 minute performance. In Performance 22, Ulay moves in response to commands ‘go’stop’back” announced in an upredictable order by a strong voice and Marina sits still at the center of the space counting pieces of swandown out loud. Black and white photographs document the 1 hour and 30 minte performance. The project ‘Detour’ is represented by eleven photographs of the Australian landscape with dramatizing descriptions on the facing pages that turn trees, boulders, grasses and plains into active participants in a narrative.