Gerard van der Leun (ed), Christopher Weills (pub)


Edition : First / Berkeley / Himalayan Watershed Properties / July 1970-July 1971 / Softcover. / VG+
Folded tabloid, 32-36pp each. Numerous black & white plates. Text in English. Scarce as a complete run.

Classic but somewhat confusing counterculture publication that burned bright for a year and then disappeared. With Allen Ginsberg, Jerry Garcia, Melvin Peebles, B.B. King, Jerry Lee Lewis, Divine, Robert Crumb; The Cockettes; communes in Taos, Mexico; Tom Clark; Kenneth Anger; Ed Sanders; the rise of the New Right; Scientology; The Process Church; Krishna Consciousness; Synanon; Ayn Rand; John Lennon and Primal Scream; the JFK assassination; H.P. Lovecraft; drug addiction and more. It’s got the lot- music, sex, politics, identity, drugs, and a lot of conflicting opinions on all which makes it both somewhat unique and doomed to failure.