The Hustler! (issue 1)

Courtney Tulloch, Naseem Khan, Darcus Howe (as Radford Howe), Frank Critchlow et al.


Edition : First / London / Hustler / May 24 1968 / Softcover. / VG+
Folio, 8pp. Newsprint. Numerous Black & White plates. Text in English.

First issue of the important Notting Hill publication The Hustler, which was edited from the Mangrove restaurant on All Saints road in the late sixties. Part radical politics, part community newspaper, Hustler covered issues relevant to black people in britain- housing, (mainly) bent and corrupt policing, employment, protests and ideas from the panthers and american critics such as James Baldwin. It’s an incredible document of Ladbroke Grove and the people who were trying to live there at the time. The first issue profiles the local area, reports on black run establishments being hassled, has a Baldwin extract, rent strikes, street theatre, anti vietnam stuff and adverts and info on local businesses. An essential document of late sixties Notting Hill, which put into words often for the first time the experiences of the west indian immigrants that went on to become black britons.