The Encyclopaedia of Ecstacy (complete run)

Alistair Livingstone


Edition : First / London / Self Published / 1983-1985 / Softcover. / VG+
4to, 3 volumes. 20-30pp each. Text in English.


Stunning and for some reason exeedingly scarce ‘psychedelic goth punk fanzine’ from KYPP contributor Al Puppy. Al contributed a lot of the direction and writing in KPYY, and this is more of a personal project. Visually heavily influenced by situationist material and the 60s underground press, with writings on walking, squats, housing co-ops and a lot of things between poetry and prose. “I guess this is about change, the process of transformation of this culture, of myself, of my friends. The age of patriarchy, technology, hierarchy (etc!) is ending. A new dark age dawns. Our schizoid sickness is becoming heard & ‘ who can fortell? 3 paths – 1. Nuclear Extinction; 2. The Creation of a Man/Machine & the triumph of science & logic at the expense of our humanity’ 3. Or the left hand path of darkness, or re-membering/healing our damaged selves, the earth we have wounded. Through this volume the images alter, the visions change – from destruction & despair to creation & hope. They reflect my feelings & also the feelings around me.”

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