Still Life 1975-1981

Luigi Ghirri


Edition : First / Milan / Baldini Castoldi Dalai / 2004 / Softcover. / Near Fine
Large Oblong 8vo, 160pp. Printed wraps. Numerous Colour and Black & White plates. Text in Italian.


“Still-life is nurtured by the memory of the work that Ghirri produced in the seventies, photographing through glass, like a diaphragm placed between his eye and the objects looked tenderly with the camera. The paintings, the fragments of life appear anamorphic, deception of perception; attention to a world in the drawer, particles of life that the sequence puts in a dialogic relationship between them. The spark that springs from it invites an entrance into his labyrinth of mirrors in which the image levitates, rebounds, is reflected, comes to life beyond its natural fixity”.

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