Souvenirs 1990-1992 (signed)

Miguel Trillo


Edition : First / Barcelona / Escudo De Oro / 1992 / Softcover. / VG+
2 volumes. 15 x 10,5cm, 2 concertinas of 10 postcards, numbered sequentially i.e. 1-10 in vol.1 and 11-20 in vol.2. Signed by Trillo.

Miguel Trillo is a ledge, a proper ledge, and the only person in Spain to really do this youth culture documentation thing thoroughly and properly as demonstrated in the brilliant Rockoco and Parejas. Here – 20 postcards, from 1990-1992. I know very little about the context of publication on these, there’s no information around, but Trillo is something of a Philatelist, or let’s say a mail enthusiast (he has also designed stamps), so it makes sense for him to issue his work in this way.

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