Ritz 1-3

David Bailey, David Litchfield


Edition : First / London / Ritz / 1976-1977 / Softcover. / VG+
Tabloid, 3 volumes, 42pp each. Numerous Black & White plates. Text in English. Fragile.

Ritz was in theory Britain’s answer to Interview, thouigh it was far too British to be anything close, which is both good and bad. It’s a fairly restrained fashion and society paper, with what in retrospect appears to be carefully selected content and contributors. Issue 1 has Charlotte Rampling on the cover, Patti Smith inside it, Jordan, Paul Morrissey by Penelope Tree, lots of Seditionaries stuff, Amanda Lear and 2 and 3 have Jerry Hall, Bryan Ferry, Pat Booth, Yves Saint Laurent, Catherine Deneuve, Norman Hartnell and more. Crazy when you think about it.

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