Rags (Complete run)

Mary Peacock, Baron Wolman, Barbara Kruger


Edition : First / San Francisco / Rosy Cheeks / June 1970-June 1971 / Softcover. / VG+
4to, 13 volumes. ca 32pp each. Printed wraps as issued. Numerous Black & White and duotone plates, text in English.

Scarce countercultural artefact with just a few copies being held institutionally. Baron Wolman worked for Rolling Stone in the 60s and decided to club together with a couple of others to document more interesting people i.e. the ones they all saw walking along the Haight and hanging around San Francisco’s more left leaning squats and communes. The result is Rags, the first ever street style magazine, and one of the first magazines to document fashion (or anti fashion) from the street rather than the catwalk or society. The magazine’s echoes and legacy can be seen today in early i-D, The Face, Purple and pretty much every modern fashion magazine. The contents are brillant, from straight ups as they were later called by Terry Jones to articles on what barbers, corpses and make up counter clerks wear along with shoots and articles. Also features half the SF scene of the time such as Sylvester, The Cockettes, various groups of groupies. ‘…fashion is not an isolated moment on some exotic island with a porcelain model, but simply an everyday sense of how people are dressing themselves.’ – Baron Wolman. After Rags Wolman continued his career as a photographer, editor Mary Peacock went on to work for the Village Voice, Art Director Barbara Kruger moved towards fine art practice and the rest is history.