POV Female / Beirut / Real Prince, The Reeds, Parallel Universe & Beirutopia, Disintegrated Objects, Clashing Realities (all volumes)

Lamia Maria Abillama, Caroline Tabet, Randa Mirza, Lara Tabet, Ayla Hibri


Edition : First / London / Oodee / 2015 / Softcover. / VG+ / VG+
Small 4to, 5 volumes, 28pp each. Numerous Colour plates. Text in English. Each volume one off 100 numbered copies.

POV Female Beirut features the photographers Ayla Hibri, Lamia Maria Abillama, Randa Mirza, Caroline Tabet and Lara Tabet, and while all of artists have studied and lived abroad for some period in their lives, they have all returned to Beirut and currently work and live there. Their five projects are wholly different and unique, but the city’s traumatic war history and erratic present run through them all as a recurring theme. The projects cover quite a bit of ground: the immediate aftermath of recent conflicts, wartime as seen by women who stay at home, photomontages of the city’s conflicting parallel words, a shadowy exploration of public space, and a fascination with a Yemeni subculture of motorbike riders. Each book and each project stands on its own, and as a series they offer a complex and sensitive vision of the city.

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