Orchard Volume 1. November 2010 / Crime victims chronicle (contributor edition)

Deborah Luster, Raymond Meeks


Edition : First / New York / Silas Finch / 2010 / Softcover. / Fine
Folio, ca 40pp. Printed wraps. Numerous Colour plates, Text in English. Signed by both Luster and Meeks. With 3 digital prints by Luster. One of 100 copies.

“Crime Victims Chronicle with Deborah Luster is the first volume in a series of collaborative journals produced by Raymond Meeks and published by The Silas Finch Foundation. The book combines photographs by Meeks with text excerpted from ‘Crime Victims Guidebook’ by Rose Preston, and a portfolio of images from Luster’s remarkable body of work ‘Tooth for an Eye.'”

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