Neue Welt (signed limited)

Wolfgang Tillmans


Edition : First / Cologne / Taschen / 2008 / Softcover. / Near Fine / Near Fine
Folio, 96pp. Numerous Colour and Black & White plates. Text in English. One of 500 signed and numbered copies. Taschen themselves seem to have a waiting list on this one in case copies get sold back to them – so if you did want one, this is your chance! It is pretty stunning by the way.

Over the period of more than two decades, Wolfgang Tillmans has explored the medium of photo-imaging with greater range than any other artist of his generation. From snapshots of his friends to abstract images made in the darkroom or works generated with a photocopier, he has pushed the photographic process to its outer limits in myriad ways. For Neue Welt, Tillmans focuses his lens on the outside world—from London and Nottingham to Tierra del Fuego, Tasmania, Saudi Arabia, and Papua New Guinea. The result is a powerful and singular view of life today in diverse parts of the globe, seen from many angles. Says Tillmans, “My travels are aimless as such, not looking for predetermined results, but hoping to find subject matter that in some way or other speaks about the time I’m in.” This Edition consists of 72 photos printed on 24 folded sheets, delivered in a signed and numbered portfolio. Tillmans selected photographs from the book edition and recontextualized them on 24 large-format folded sheets, each sheet becoming a large picture object with front, centerfold, and back. On some, the front and back form a whole picture when unfolded. The artist also chose some details which he enlarged to the full potential of information and detail available. Says Tillmans, “This is the first time I’m doing an oversized publication; in this case, the sheets are not bound—instead they stay light and it is almost like handling prints.”

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