Merce Cunningham Changes : Notes on Choreography

Merce Cunningham, Frances Starr (ed)


Edition : First / New York / Something Else Press / 1968 / Hardcover. / VG+ / VG+
8vo, Unpaginated (ca 200pp). White boards in printed wraps. Numerous Black & White plates. Text in English.

Committing gesture and movement to the printed page has always been a challenge for the choreographer – with the results often reading as part language, part gesture, part drawing and are often incomprehensible to anybody except the author. Changes – a collaboration with John Cage “..can be viewed as a 170-page print version of an art performance piece. Just as Cunningham spent most of his career approaching choreography and movement in time and space from an original point of view, this book offers notes, images, and drawings of his work in a non-linear, non-traditional way. Taken together, they form a rich panorama of his ideas, work, and impulses, shown through a lens particular to the time and place..”

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