Magick Lantern Cycle

Kenneth Anger; Jonas Mekas


Edition : First / New York / Film Makers’ Cinematheque / Spring 1966 / Softcover. / VG+ / VG+
8vo. 10 loose leaf sheets, in plastic edge bound covers. 6 Black & white stills and one collage, with 3 sheets of text printed on coloured paper.

Programme for one of Anger’s earlier outings- the 1966 Spring Equinox showing of his Magick Lantern Cycle at Mekas’ Film Makers Cinematheque. The evening ran as follows: 1. Anger Aquarian Arcanum (1966) 2. Kustom Kar Kommandos (1965-66) 3. Fireworks Spring Equinox (1947) 4. Eaux D’Artifice Summer Solstice (1953) BRIEF INTERMISSION note: (Psychedelic researchers desirous to Turn On for Pleasure Dome should absorb their sugar cubes at this point) 5. Scorpio Rising Autumn Equinox 1964 BRIEF INTERMISSION note: (Psychedelic researchers preparing for Pleasure Dome should remain seated during this intermission, the following film should, in ideal circumstances, be experienced in that holy trance called high) 6. Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (Sacred Mushroom Edition). A very druggy presentation of work that included finished films and works in progress. Programme includes notes, excerpts and the six preview images. The programme is a valuable insight into both the avant garde film scene of the mid sixties and one of the earliest printed records of Anger’s unorthodox and charged work.

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