Liberation – Un Regard Moderne no.0-no.5 (complete run)

Bazooka Group; Loulou Picasso et Kiki Picasso


Edition : First / Paris / Liberation / January – July 1978 / Softcover. / VG+
6 volumes. Folio, ca 32pp each. Numerous Black & White and Duotoneplates. Text in French. A little sunning and scuffing to edges.

A wonderful document of the french graphic new wave in the post punk period. “Founded in the mid-70s by Kiki and Loulou Picasso, Lulu Larsen, Olivia Clavel, Bernard Vidal and Jean Rouzaud during their studies at the Paris Fine Art School, the Bazooka group soon imposed uncompromising, cold and provoking work, – signed collectively or with numerous pseudonyms – standing as a veritable graphic counterpoint to the punk movement. The confessed aim was to get out of the classical galleries network, at first through self-publications (Loukhoum Breton, Activit’ Sexuelle Normale, Le Bulletin P’riodique), then reaching a wider audience working on records covers, tv titles, daily press and magazines. Hired by Lib’ration in 1977, they literally exploded the newspaper’s template, displacing chronicles, replacing photographic works with drawings or adding texts and captions very often in opposition with the content of the articles they were supposed to illustrate. The editorial staff being divided about these graphic interventions, the verbal and physical assaults between the historical newspaper’s team and the members of the Bazooka collective increased until their pure and simple dismissal. Their return was made possible thanks to Serge July’s help, the latter offering them to develop an independent project from the newspaper, the henceforth mythical ‘Un Regard Moderne’ (five plus a #0 issues, all published in 1978). The group exploded at the end of the 70s, as a victim of their excess and their frenetic work rhythm, leaving behind an impressive set of drawings, collages, photomontages, paintings and publications whose influence would be fundamental to the graphic creation to come.”

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