Just A Life

Evgeny Vasin


Edition : First / Vladivostok / Sakhalin Centre for Modern History / 1995 / Softcover. / Near Fine
8vo, Unpginated (ca 120pp). Printed boards. Black & White plates. Text in Russian. Little known both inside and outside of Russia.

A child with an Kalashnikoff. Snowstorms. Drunks. A new found freedom. People waiting. People coming and going. It’s difficult to sum up Vasin’s first book, funded by The Sakhalin Fisheries Council (the island where he hails from), but shot in Vladivostok- to the far east of Russia, in the years surrounding the fall of the iron curtain. Vasin himself writes: “I call it “Hunt” – the same work, risk, wish of success and the same feeling of joy in the case of luck. My name is Evegniy Vasin. For the first time I went to the street with a camera in august of 1988. My new hobby turned out very interesting. Now I have more than 2000 negatives in my collection. For publishing in this book I have chosen several pictures about the life of town streets, which I hope are not very dull. Prior to my work as a photo reporter, I served in the Army, was a student of Novosibirskiy Electronical Institute, worked as electronics engineer. Now I’m 47, I have ideas, I’m eager to work and I believe that my “main hunt” is waiting for me.” Vasin is a gifted street photographer, which combined with his innocence, and the sheer joy of working lends his work a unique feel, and though a few who have seen the book compare him to Tom Wood or Elsken, Vasin has a visual language and style that is uniquely regional.

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