Indica Books and Gallery

Paul McCartney (as designer)


Edition : First / London / Indica / ca 1965 / Softcover. / Near Fine
41.5 x 53cm. Black block capitals printed on ca. 90gsm white paperstock. Genuinly scarce, I know of 2 other copies, and have anecdotally heard about a third. No OCLC entries.

Dunbar and Miles’ Indica is by now such a cornerstone of London countercultural folklore that no explanation is necessary, this however is an interesting part of the Indica puzzle, and a testament to McCartney’s heavy involvement in the operation. ‘On the day the bookshop opened… he [McCartney] pulled up in his Aston Martin and heaved an enormous package from the back seat. He had designed and hand-lettered the wrapping paper for the shop: stark black letters on rather high quality white paper. As soon as the American fan magazines heard about this we began to get requests for it from American fans, allenclosing useless ‘ to us ‘ American stamps’ (p-161 ‘London Calling, 2010). The wrapping paper was reputedly designed over a period of two days by McCartney, who also arranged the printing. An extremely scarce piece of ephemera from London’s sixties underground.