Hellen Van Meene New Photos Japan

Hellen Van Meene


Edition : First / Cologne / Purple Institute / 2002 / Softcover. / Fine
Still Sealed. Square printed box (20x20cm) containing 33 heavy card loose leaf sheets. Numerous Colour and Black & White plates. Text in English.

31 colour plates plus bio and interview. Superb production from Van Meene. From the publisher: “Dutch photographer Hellen van Meene was herself barely out of girlhood when she began to photograph adolescent girls whom she knew, or found, in her home town of Alkmaar in the north of Holland. Invited to photograph in Japan in 2000, she found that while she could not communicate directly with her subjects, her instincts regarding the universality of adolescent experience, and her visual and stylistic approach to it, were translatable. In her square-format, medium-focal-length pictures of unnamed girls, van Meene strives to compose ‘photographs of adolescent situations and attitudes, which represent the type of “normality” we don’t usually share with others, but keep to ourselves.” Recommended.