Harajuku Takenokozoku

Yasuko Kasaki


Edition : First / Tokyo / Daisanshokan / 1981 / Softcover. / VG+ / VG+
Small 4to, 576pp. Printed wraps. Colour and Black & White plates.

A forgotten book from a forgotten sub culture! WIth clothing procured from boutique Bamboo Shoots, and music from what would now be called the classic disco era. To be honest it’s more of a dance movement that a 360 degree subculture, but it’s extremely distinct, and at it’s peak numbered 2000 people. There were only 2 incidents- an attack from a rival movement, and a bizarre case of Yakuza extortion, where people were charged a protection ‘fee’ to be allowed to dance. So pretty wholesome stuff on the whole, it’s difficult to know how the visual style evolved, some say that originally the costumes were inspired by the folk tales of the 1001 nights, though there is a strong japanese interpretation.

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