Groupies and Other Girls

Baron Wolman, John Burks, Jerry Hopkins


Edition : First / New York / Bantam Books / July 1970 / Softcover. / VG+
8vo, 160pp. Printed wraps as issued. Numerous Black & White plates. Text in English.

“A Frank and Freaky Speakin with the Daughters of the Rock Revolution.” Wolman’s Legendary groupies project for Rolling Stone in 1969 expanded and republished in book form. Featuring the GTO’s, Plaster Casters, Sally Mann, Pamela de Barres and everybody else who was around at the time. Interviews, reports, pictures and very much focusing on the girls themselves rather than the rockers they hung out with (who were no less impressive). Whilst working for Rolling Stone Wolman began to notice that aside from the usual hangers-on at concerts, there were women who “had obviously spent an inordinate amount of time and effort putting themselves together for their backstage appearance,” he says. “They were not just hanging out, they were strutting.” Style and fashion mattered greatly. Frank Zappa thought them important enough to form a group and produce an album under the name, The GTO’s led by the legendary Pamela Des Barres. They were “a subculture of chic”.