Grey Organisation

Toby Mott, Daniel Saccoccio, Tim Burke, Paul Spencer


Edition : First / London / New York / Self Published / 1985-1980 / Softcover. / Near Fine
40 items comprising flyers, artworks, photographs, press releases, posters and invitations.

The cultural output of the Grey Organisation can be a baffling affair, transitioning from a post punk sensibility to late eighties post modernism, and incorporating traditional fine art practice, music, fashion, performance and commercial design. This collection of items represents a broad overview of the organisations activities, from the attack on Cork Street in 85 to late eighties New York work, and despite the diversity of activities exemplifies a unified sensibility. Highlights include the early Cork Street material, a confiscated one pound note from the ‘Money’ show and material from Civilian Warfare and A.R.E.A. in NY. A full inventory of items is available on request.

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