GLU – Girls Like Us – First Series (complete run)

Jessica Gysel, Kathrin Hero


Edition : First / Amsterdam / GLU / Autumn 2005 – Autumn 2008 / Softcover. / VG+
8 volumes, 8vo, 62-80pp each. Numerous Colour and Black & White plates. Text in English and occasionally Dutch.

What Gysel did after Kutt. Girls Like Us is now an established magazine, but the first series remains an elusive beast. After Kutt Gysel wanted to work with less constraints, and include different contributors from different fields to make a more rounded publication and GLU is the result. There are contributions from Viviane Sassen, Justine Kurland, Edwige,features on people like Bettina Koster, underground dykes in china, nuns and interviews with a lot of very interesting people young and old many of whom I had never heard of, plus lots of archive material and some silly and fun stuff. To a certain extent of it’s time, but an important part of recent queer history.

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