Gandalf’s Garden (issue 4)

Murray, Muz (ed)


Edition : First / London / Citadelle Press / 1969 / Softcover. / VG+
4to, 34pp. One colour printing onvarious coloured paperstocks throughout. Text in English. More images available on request.

You are now entering Gandalf’s Garden’fear not’ Great and scarce issue of the magazine produced by the mystical community down at the bottom of the kings road, their main coup being that they favoured meditation to drugs and hedonism. ”Gandalf’s Garden is the magical garden of our inner worlds, overgrowing into the world of manifestation. Gandalf’s Garden is soulflow from the pens of creators – mystics, writers, artists, diggers, delvers and poets. A wellspring of love and anguish that those with searching thirsts may drink thereof. As in the Stone Gardens of the Orient, where Soul Wizards sit within the stimulus of their own silences, contemplating the smoothness of the million pebbles, so should we seek to stimulate our own inner gardens if we are to save our Earth and ourselves from engulfment.’ This issue includes The tyrannosaurus Rex (a poem since you ask) and a whopping Glastonbury special from long before Kanye graced the stage.