Raymond Abigeo, Jean-Claude Peretz


Edition : First / Paris / Marie Concorde / 1970 / Hardcover. / VG+
4to, Unpaginated. Printed boards. Spiralbound. First and only edition.

Impossibly scarce and fragile item. Brilliant flipbook, featuring 3 models, in 12 layers of dress, nudity and hairstyles, with thousands of possible combinations. “Trois filles ensorcelantes!!! habillez-lez ou déshabillez-les! selon vos goût, votre humeur, au gré de votre fantaisie. 26568 combinaisons possible.” Incredible. In Bertolotti where he states: “While leafing through Erotoscope, a ring-bound photography book by the advertizing photographer Jean-Claude Peretz, the reader can amuse himself by putting different clothes and accessories from various eras onto the naked bodies of three delighful models.” And you can’t say fairer than that.

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