Deluxe (Issue 1)

Caroline Baker, Byron Newman, Willy Daly (ed)


Edition : First / London / H.M. Schneider / 1977 / Softcover. / VG+
4to. Unpaginated. Printed wraps. Numerous colour plates.

Rare. Great first issue of cult publication Deluxe (which only ran for 2 issues). Aside of the Peter Blake etc. what makes this of interest is the Seditionaries (Vivienne Westwood) presentation by Ku Khanh and the brilliant ‘Wild on the Side Walk’, shot by Newman and styled by the great Caroline Baker. Aside of being historically important they are both very brilliant. The other important shoot is the ‘Streetwalking Shocking’ shoot by Norrie Maclaren, and its ace. Such a good magazine, ultra glam (its the seventies), but beginning to foreshadow the street culture later epitomised by the likes of i-D a few years later. A key piece of British fashion history.

See inside

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