Dark Portraits Rome 1982�1985

Dino Ignani


Edition : First / Rome / Yard Press / 2014 / Softcover. / VG+
8vo, 576pp. Printed wraps. Black & White plates. One of 300 copies.

“Dark Portraits Rome 1982-1985 is the first book by Roman photographer Dino Ignani. The book is a selection from the artist’s archive: shots of the youth that lit up the Roman night life in the early ’80s and, in particular, the venues and events related to the so-called dark universe. The dark community encompassed the various musical tendencies and the fashion of those years: from post-punk to new romantic to gothic. These photos were shot in video-bars, discos and other places where dark events took place at the time (Olimpo, Supersonic, Angelo Azzurro, Blue Bar, C-Club, Venice, Black Out, Uonna Club, Piper, Cinema Espero) and where Ignani would invite the habitues to pose for their portraits.” Beautifully elegant and understated club culture book printed in a tiny number a couple of years back. Not so well known, which seems strange considering how good it is.

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