Massimo Osti


Edition : First / Milan / Self Published / 1986 / Hardcover. / VG+
Oblong folio, ca 250pp. Beige cloth. Numerous Black & White and duotone plates. Binding a little fragile, but holding tight, and all there!

The history of CP Company and the beginning of CP collection as told by Osti. The book documents the period from 1978-1986 and it’s essentially the best xerox book you will ever see. It also has this lovely quality of being a nice thing and being very raw at the same time. Pretty much all of the images are from L’Uomo Vogue, Popeye, Per Lui, Brutus etc. and the photographers credits are a who’s who of the greats – Aldo Fallai, Barbieri, Toscani, Weber and so on. Its a real masterpiece, both as a document, and as a reminder that Osti started as a graphic designer. Scarce – I don’t know how many copies were produced, but an educated guess would say not many.

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