Beef Newspaper 1-22 (complete).



Edition : First / Omaha / San Francisco / Beef / 1980-1987 / Softcover. / VG+
22 volumes. Printed on newsprint in Duotone and Black & White.

A diverse and dizzing independent publication. After initially concentrating on the small but active Omaha arts scene, the focus of the tabloid rapidly expanded to include articles on overseas arts, injustices in South America, alternative living, and American politics in addition to art, record, and film reviews. Specific appearances within the covers include The Waitresses, Philip Glass, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Meredith Monk, Jean Tinguely, Shonen Knife, Survival Research Labs, Nina Hagen, H.R. Giger , Exene Cervenka & Wanda Coleman, Yoko Ono, Nam Jun Paik, Fakir Musafar, mail art, computer hacking. During it’s life Beef relocated from Ohama to San Francisco before ceasing publication in 1987.