Aylesbury Friars 1979-1984

Budget Stopps


Edition : First / Aylesbury / Self Published / ca 1979-1984 / Softcover. / VG+
Comprising 18 x flyers (20.5 x 33 cm) mimeographed on mixed paperstocks with Friars editorial and newsletter printed to verso, 5 x flyers (towards the end of the period) are Litho printed on white stock, 1 x Friars 10 years foldout listing every gig from 1969-1979, 2 x membership cards- one c.a. 1971, and the other 1979, and finally, flyer for Paul Weller Friars tribute in 2010.

Friars- due to it’s proximity to London rose to prominence as one of the key venues in th UK in the seventies and eighties, The Pretty Things in 69, to Bowie in 72 (his only UK gig that year), to Roxy Music, Genesis, Queen, Cockney Rebel, Motorhead, Fairport Convenion and so on, until the punk and new wave explosion of the late 70s where Friars hosted everybody from The Clash to The Ramones, Blondie, Gang of Four, The Buzzcocks, The Adverts, Sham, The Cramps, Ian Dury, Siouxie, The Slits and many more. Looking back at their listings it’s a who’s who of alternative music, which is due to the tastes and talents of husband and wife team David and Budget Stopps, who assisted by a team of enthusiasts ran everything Friars related from a spare room in their house. The very distinct flyers and posters were designed by Bridget Stopps, continuing the work of Kris Needs who it seems wrote the texts on the back (he was also editor of Zig Zag). Budget cut the stencils at home, with David making the screens for the posters and the flyers were printed on an old mimeograph machine which they inherited from the local newspaper in the mid seventies. The texts to the rear really give a feel to the late 70s music scene.