Album Magazine 1-2 (all issues)

Prosper Assouline, Michel Dreyfuss


Edition : First / Paris / Album Presse / 1978 / Softcover. / VG+
Folio. 2 volumes. 46pp each. Numerous Black & White plates throughout. Text in French.

Superb (and very shortlived) magazine from Dreyfuss and Le Palace Magazine publisher and Assouline founder Prosper Assouline. Looks to be rather the rival to Egoiste, though it’s a little more edgy and new wave. Antonio Lopez, really killer fashion shoots by people who are now unknown, Veruschka, Jeanloup Sieff, a woman who played the organ in a bar in Montparnasse, Jerry Hall, Kenzo, Lagerfeld, Grace Jones, Le Palace (of course) and the rest of the microcosm that was Paris in 1978.

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